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When your enterprise can connect with a smart roller-rink hire team for your branding events, you’re looking at a fast track to success. Event branding is a unique promotional platform.

The Event Marketing 2019 report reveals that live events represent the single-most effective marketing channel. It creates a mental shortcut for the event attendees and participants that provides a lightbulb experience every time they think of your brand and remember the event they loved.

You get to be known as experience makers.

One thing events managers have in common with the film and entertainment industry is understanding just how much people out there need a magical, wonderland experience. When combining your brand with the emotional experience people love, you rocket to the coveted ‘top of mind’ marketing position.

Roller Magic has decades of experience in creating that unforgettable ‘wow’ factor when it comes to rink-hire and corporate branding drives. Entertainment managers and filmmakers generate excitement and enthusiasm for their crews with a well-executed roller-rink hire for a subliminal team-building event and again when all the work is over, and everyone needs to relax and be thanked for their part in the show.


We, at Roller-Magic totally how corporate branding works. Each group we do a roller-rink hire for has a unique story that sets their brand apart. We know how to tell that story in ‘branding’ speak. We know how to be focussed, clear, sharp and soulful in making your event a memorable and delightful experience. Just as a well-defined personality, beautifully expressed makes someone memorable, so a well-defined branding event etches your company’s events on people’s minds and hearts.

Event branding seems to sneak in the back door if all the touchpoints are addressed and serviced. It gives attendees many means to recognise your brand with multilayers making it easy to understand your promise and purpose.

What people want is something that flirts with style and soul in a fantasy wonderland that orients them away from the stresses and strains of their lives and reminds them how to play. Roller-rink hire for events will never be boring, never mundane and will kindle a desire for attendees to want to repeat the experience – likely with a colleague or friend in tow.

And voilà, your event will not only have been a success but will also ‘pay it forward’ for more.

Corporate Branding Success image 2


Understanding that great branding is a combination of key ingredients that must appeal to the culture of the new buying power generations. Millennials and Centennials would rather be known for their experiences than for their possessions. They are social-network naturals and your fame will be spread in ways you’d only have dreamed of in days past.

First of the Fab Four:

Logo – smart use includes incorporating it into the details

Font – clarity and legibility are everything. It’s no good if people can’t read it easily

Colours – your corporate colours will dominate the set

Theme – Roller Magic rink hire for events specialise in incredible themes and special lighting effects

Second of the Fab Four:

Uniqueness – your uniqueness will never be lost in the theme

Authenticity – is the benchmark for eventing success in earning trust and credibility

Meaningfulness – attendees need to be able to fully relate, relevancy matters

Consistency – top to toe touchpoints define the attendee journey, leave no stone unturned

Third of the Fab Four:

Name your Event – something relevant but with a memorable twist

Social Media – create visual content rather than text alerts, track likes

Use your tagline – TED has a great one ‘ideas worth spreading’, what’s yours?

Hashtags – for all your roller-rink hire for events, just check via an online generator for live hashtags

Fourth of the Fab Four:

Emotional connection – emotive background music and the magical effect of lighting

Run competitions with give-aways – great for attendee engagement

Merchandise – these are the takeaways that will keep you remembered.

Freebies – use as a reward for bringing others onboard via retweets and likes.



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