roller rink hire


Everyone loves a party. Roller-Magic’s roller-rink hire has taken parties, celebrations and all manner of events to great heights by setting up roller-skating rinks all over the world. There’s everything to be said for leaving the finer details, the planning, safety, execution and packing up to a trusted third party.

There’s little to beat hands-on experience. We may outdo ourselves arranging an event but if 90% of our to-do list fits into the ‘first-time’ category, then the learning curve is going to be a steep one. (And perhaps so fraught with ‘never again’’ that whatever we learned will likely ever come in useful at a future time.) Imagine the relief of being able to hand all that over into someone else’s capable hands.

With over 20 years of experience, Roller-Magic’s roller-rink hire has sealed its reputation for managing every contingency with professional brilliance.

When it’s done right, roller-rink hire is nothing short of a dream come true. Roller skating is not just for children so, staff members and guests alike ‘let it go’ and give in to the magic and fun of being on skates in the rink. Great music, fabulous themes and lighting create unique magic every time.



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