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We have more than 22 years of experience of supplying and installing roller skating rinks

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We have installed more than 700 Roller Rink Installations throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide!

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Roller Skating Rink Hire Bristol

Roller Skating is an excellent way of combining Fun and Fitness. If you’re looking to get your guests Socialising, Communicating and Exercising, it’s the perfect activity!

Roller shaking rink hire and purchase

With over 22 years of experience, trust us to supply and install the perfect Roller Skating Rink in Bristol for your chosen event.

Our Roller Rink Skating Surface is made up of 1msq Sections, which enables us to build a Rink in any Shape or Size and to Fit any Venue or Location. We offer a Selection of colours too!

On top of Supplying our Rinks, we can also provide a Full Roller Disco Experience, with Lighting, a DJ, a PA Sound System, a wide range of Music, Plus all the Safety Equipment needed.

Trust us to throw you the Ultimate Party to Entertain all of your Guests!

We Hire our Skating Rinks and Skates in Bristol and all over the World!

roller skating rink hire and purchase

Bespoke Designs and Branding   

Our Rinks can be installed anywhere and on almost any surface you choose! (Grass may require a sub-base) The Roller Rink easily connects together using a Rod System which when installed creates a smooth and seamless surface perfect for skating. The outer barrier system then locks into the side of the rink keeping your guests perfectly safe. We can even install vinyl graphics on the barriers if you wish – they’re perfect for advertising!

If you’re looking to really throw a party and get your guests moving we can even install a traditional DJ Booth in the centre of the Rink

roller skate rink hire

We have worked alongside a range of businesses in the past to create Fun Family days out for all !

Our Roller Skating Rinks have made an appearance in Town Centres, Shopping Malls, Youth Clubs and Community Centres. Each Event has always pulled in a crowd and has left everyone laughing and having FUN. In short, our roller rinks fit all venues and all occasions!

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Here’s a small selection of our happy Customers and Clients (both roller rinks and synthetic ice rinks)

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About Bristol

Bristol, what a gem of a city! It’s nestled in the southwest of England is like a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of history, culture, and innovation. It’s a place where you can step back in time along its historic harbourside or dive headfirst into the buzzing energy of its contemporary arts scene. Bristol has a way of getting under your skin and leaving an indelible mark on your heart.

Let’s start with its maritime roots. Bristol’s relationship with the sea runs deep, quite literally. The River Avon winds its way through the city, connecting it to the Bristol Channel and beyond. Back in the day, Bristol was a bustling port, a hub of trade and adventure. But it’s not just sunshine and roses—Bristol also faced its fair share of darkness. The legacy of the transatlantic slave trade hangs heavy, but the city doesn’t shy away from confronting its past. Instead, it stands tall, acknowledging its history while striving for a better future.

Now, let’s talk about creativity. Bristol is like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted with imagination and flair. You can’t walk down a street without stumbling upon a piece of street art that’ll make you stop and think. Banksy, the elusive master of the spray can, calls Bristol home, and his influence can be felt everywhere. But it’s not just about one artist—Bristol’s art scene is a melting pot of styles and perspectives, a reflection of the city’s diverse soul.

And then there’s the tech scene. Bristol may have a foot in the past, but it’s also got its eye on the future. The city is a hotbed of innovation, a place where startups flourish and big ideas take flight. From cutting-edge research to groundbreaking startups, Bristol is at the forefront of the tech revolution. But don’t let all that talk of progress fool you—Bristol hasn’t lost its sense of community. It’s still a place where neighbours look out for each other and strangers are welcomed with open arms.

Of course, no discussion of Bristol would be complete without a nod to its food and drink scene. Whether you’re craving a hearty pub meal or a taste of international cuisine, Bristol has you covered. And let’s not forget about the cider! There’s nothing quite like sipping a cold one on a sunny day by the harbourside.

So there you have it, Bristol in all its glory. It’s a city that’s got a bit of everything, a place where history meets innovation, where tradition dances with modernity. It’s quirky, it’s vibrant, and it’s waiting for you to come and explore its streets, its stories, and its soul.