Roller Skating Rink Hire

Roller Skating Rink Hire in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Essex, Bucks, London, Dorset, Devon, Birmingham, Reading, Edinburgh, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Southampton, Swindon, Harrogate, Durham, Newcastle, Guildford and throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Our Roller Rink Skating Surface is made up of 1msq Sections, which enables us to build a Rink in any Shape or Size and to Fit any Venue or Location. We offer a Selection of Colours too!

On top of Supplying our Rinks, we can also provide a Full Roller Disco Experience, with Lighting, a DJ, a PA Sound System, a wide range of Music, Plus all the Safety Equipment needed.

Trust us to throw you the Ultimate Party to Entertain all of your Guests!

We Hire our Skating Rinks and Skates all over the World!

roller skating rink hire